Kilifi, Kenya

Mtaka kilicho mbali hukitembelea: One who wants what is far away walks to it

DUKA’s Kenyan home is in Kilifi, a growing Coastal town centered around it’s namesake creek, which leads into the Indian ocean.

Traditional agriculture is changing, but maize, cashews, mangos, papayas, and coconuts are all staples, and grown widely, marking the tropical landscape. Made up of a diverse population, Kilifi is predominantly Swahili and people of the Giriama tribe, but also draws people from around Kenya and the world to it’s university, world renowned medical research center, international school, agro-forestry business, and growing community of small business owners.

There is a strong focus on the environment, gender equality, the promotion of girl’s education, and general social welfare, all values that are imbedded in DUKA’s mission and which make Kilifi an ideal place to base our manufacturing.

Photo by @bikowesa