Godfrey Wambugu

A master jeweler and artist, Goddie was born in a Sagana, a small town near Mt. Kenya.

Goddie completed high school, and went on to study language, but was unable to finish his college education due to financial difficulties.

It was at this point, that Goddie changed his life’s course and decided to keep his active mind busy by recycling brass and copper wire he found in the slums of New Mathere, Nairobi.

Duka was fortunate to cross Goddie’s path in Kilifi, Kenya where an instant creative connection was born.

Our inability to find suitable hangers to display Duka’s clothing line (coming soon) combined with lucid malaron-induced dreams, led to a vision of hangers as Kenyan as our textiles.

We commissioned Goddie to create our Wire Art Hangers and our dream materialized.

Crafted from governer’s metal, horn, bone and glass beads each hanger is as intentional as it is unbridled.

Because it is so difficult to make a living in Kenya and because he is so industrious, Goddie works many jobs, including as raft and tour guide.

His travels allow him to reach Kampala, Uganda, where he finds time to teach single unemployed women the wire art and beading that has given him a new life.